Family housing

The permitting process for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), or “in-law” units, needs to be streamlined and the renting rules for housing units should be more balanced, encouraging homeowners to release units to the market. In addition to experience in real estate, I have helped dozens of first-time homebuyers obtain moderate income housing through City programs. As Supervisor, I will work to ensure these programs are expanded to increase opportunities for working families.

As far as density issues, we need workable solutions that take into consideration our neighborhood characteristics and needs, and balancing that with our infrastructure conditions, such as limited water supply in a disaster, sandy soil instability, and strained public transportation.


Public safety

Every citizen has the right to safety in their own neighborhood and community. Criminal activity has no place in our family-oriented neighborhoods. As founder of a SAFE Neighborhood Watch group, I understand the value of community policing in helping reduce crime, increase the feeling of public safety, and build a better sense of community and security.

We require full staffing of our police force to ensure our City’s finest have the resources they need. More officers of varied backgrounds (ethnic and multilingual) should be hired to accurately represent the neighborhoods they operate in and ensure our residents can trust the police force to have their best interests at heart.

On a greater scale, we need to make serious infrastructure improvements to our emergency water supply in case of earthquakes, fires, or other natural disasters. As Supervisor, I would be committed to bringing these necessary upgrades up to date.


City services

Families require more preschool programs for parents who want to return to the workforce after taking care of young infants. I will prioritize spending on free preschool to include kids down to ages 2-3 to begin socialization at an earlier age. As a member of a multi-generational extended family in the City, I am also aware of the need for more senior services in our district.

Public transportation should be reliable. I will ensure better communication between MUNI and transit riders regarding time accuracy and begin conversations between the SFMTA and Sunset residents during the planning phase of changes in public transportation, whether it be less stops or more frequent buses.

As founder of Friends of West Sunset Playground, I called a community to action to rebuild an unsafe, unclean, and underutilized playground into what is now a thriving community center where children, families and seniors play, exercise, and spend time together.


Fiscal accountability

I am a UC Berkeley business school graduate and former practicing CPA, and the most qualified candidate to understand and address how the City spends its money effectively and efficiently. I will work hard to make sure that the City is spending your tax dollars wisely. A current City tax auditor, I bring in millions of dollars every year for much needed services and know the intricate details of our tax system.

The hard-working families and residents of the Sunset and Parkside have a higher percentage of homeowners than almost any other neighborhood in San Francisco. That means we are paying more property taxes and not seeing it come back in City services that we need such as pre-school, after-school, or senior services. This needs to change.

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