Chinese American Democratic Club

Doug Chan, Vice Chairman of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission and attorney-at-law

James Fang, Former President of the BART Board

Fiona Ma, former California State Assembly Member and Supervisor for District 4

Westside Democratic Club

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"As a longtime homeowner in the Sunset District and a city commissioner, I’ve worked with Art Tom in improving public safety and developing better parks and recreational opportunities for all of the residents of District Four. Art has the extensive experience and profound desire to get things done at City Hall and preserve what is valuable and attractive about San Francisco’s heritage and its neighborhoods.

Art can help us create better solutions to the core problems that all San Franciscans must tackle now -- crime, homelessness, transportation, and spending our tax dollars wisely. Your vote to elect Art Tom to the Board of Supervisors represents a vote for better neighborhoods and for us all."

- Doug Chan

“Art is a proven community leader and is deeply rooted in District 4 with his multi-generational Sunset native family. His integrity, strong fiscal responsibility, and drive to bring services back to families in D4 will make him an outstanding supervisor.”

- Fiona Ma

"A native of San Francisco's Sunset District, son of immigrants, and having served 24 years as BART Director representing primarily the Westside of San Francisco, I know the values of this dynamic area of San Francisco. Art understands, knows and believes in these District 4 values. Combining fiscal prudence and accountability, blended with compassion for providing critical services for residents, Art fought to rebuild the West Sunset Playground. Art believes in improving public safety and building communities, and would be a true representative for the Westside on the Board of Supervisors. Vote for Art this November 6th, 2018."

- James Fang


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Liz Sosnick

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  • Liz Sosnick
    endorsed 2018-10-31 16:33:33 -0700
    They say Realtors should never discuss politics in business. However, there are times in life when it’s important to do just that. Although most of my votes will go to women this election, there is one stand-up man I would like to speak up for – Art Tom.

    Art and I worked as colleagues and have been friends for over 20 years. Art is what a people’s representative should be. As a CPA and city tax auditor, he’s practical. Also, to my knowledge, Art is the only candidate running in District 4 who is a property owner and understands those issues.

    As a multi-generational native and dedicated family man, he has championed causes in the Sunset for several decades and served on three City Commissions, displaying stellar community leadership.

    Art Tom reflects the balance we need between social awareness and smart business practices. He is also one of the most genuinely kind people I know. Art Tom is worthy of your vote.